Hermitage Lectorium

Hermitage Lectorium advices courses and lectures for everyone who is interested in history of arts and cultures. Our courses are unique. All of them are made by Hermitage researchers. All lectures are on Russian.

Programs for Lectorium

  • The University of World Art History

    The three-year course of 88 lectures delivered by the University of World Art History was designed to introduce students to the history of painting, sculpture and architecture from the earliest times to the present day.

  • Arts Events

    The lectures are devoted to the challenging and burning issues of world art. The museum specialists will tell about the significant events and prominent personalities in the history of art. Students will be acquainted with the life of the Hermitage Museum including the temporary exhibitions and the opening of new exhibitions.

  • The Culture and Art of Antiquity

    The critical overview of the evolution of art and culture of antiquity will hold the audience spellbound. Expert lecturers will inspire students with their deep knowledge of the Biblical archaeology, the distinctive features of underwater archaeology and the art of ancient cities of the Northern Black Sea Region. The students will also gain an understanding of intaglios, ancient Greek heroes and the unique qualities of Ancient Greek sculpture.

  • The Culture and Art of Oriental Countries

    The specific features and characteristics of art development of the countries of the Middle East and Far East are the exciting subject study for orientalists, archaeologists and art critics. In the course of three series of lectures the specialists will tell about Indian mythology, acquaint the audience with the unique collection of Buddhist painting and reveal the secret of Chinese porcelain.

  • The History and Culture of Russia

    The series of lectures will focus on the period of the Middle Ages in Russia, the private life of Russian noblemen, the public and military activities of government officials, the diplomatic relations of Russia with foreign countries and their overall influence on the development of Russian culture and art.

  • Western European Art

    Students are invited to attend the series of lectures telling fascinating stories about the leading artists of Western Europe, highlighting certain artistic movements, including Mannerism and Art Deco, inspiring listeners by the interesting accounts of the architectural monuments and museums, and exploring various forms of art, such arts as prints, gobelin tapestries and applied art.